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A company with a cause.

🌟 Support causes you care about.

Put your pet or a friend on flip flops and support a variety of causes you care about.

At Sole Flops, we're more than just a flip flop company; we're a company with a mission to provide support and charity to causes that reduce suffering and improve living conditions for people and animals around the world.

When you purchase a pair of our custom-designed flip flops, your purchase will benefit a variety of causes you care about. And the best part is: You get to choose the causes that you support.

Those causes include:

  • Providing safe homes for rescue animals
  • Providing food, shelter, electricity and blankets to individuals and low-income families in need
  • Providing help to children with life-threatening diseases
  • Providing support to struggling senior citizens
  • Providing support to people effected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters


What charities have we supported? See a full list below.

🌟 Who are we?

Sole Flops was founded in Los Angeles, California by Tim Winfred, a proud parent of an adorable mixed-breed shelter dog name Jojo (pictured below). After rescuing Jojo from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter in 2017, Tim continued to dream of ways he could help all of the animals find loving, caring homes.

Then, when Tim founded Sole Flops on December 1, 2019, he knew that he finally found a way to help people and animals around the world.

This is Jojo, Tim's white, pointy-eared rescue dog.

🌟 Our products.

Sole Flops are manufactured and printed with pride in the United States and Europe. We work with a fantastic manufacturing and shipping partner that is headquartered in sunny Southern California. With their help, we're able to provide quality products to customers around the world.

A picture of a Boston terrier dog with it's face on a pair of Sole Flops flip flops.

🌟 The charities we support.

Here is a list of some of the charities that your purchases have supported so far:

MaeDay Dog Rescue (Los Angeles, CA)

"MaeDay Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue based in Los Angeles. We save hundreds of dogs a year from the shelters and streets through our a foster based program. Sometimes we save cats too! We save dogs of all breeds and all ages."

Learn more about MaeDay

It Starts With Friends (Los Angeles, CA)

It Starts with Friends strives to be regarded as one of the premier non- profits in the nation. Through essential life skill training, self- care network and services, we hope to be viewed as one of the leaders in our community. To our Friends, we will provide access to transitional housing, job placement, mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment, along with other advantageous educational programs and services. We will earn this reputation by consistently exceeding the expectations of our community, our staff, and partners. Most importantly, we will spread love, strength and hope, one Friend at a time.

🌟 Interested in becoming a Sole Flops charity beneficiary?

Contact us to be considered.