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What Should I Get my Girlfriend/Wife for Valentine's Day? Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Her

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[Written by Star LaBranche]

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is closing in, bringing with it the eternal question people have wrestled with since the holiday began: what do I get my wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? This might be your first Valentine’s Day with your partner or your 21st, but making 2020 a special Valentine’s Day can be as easy as thinking outside of the chocolate-and-roses box.

Let’s take a look at some unique gift ideas for your loved one!

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1. Experiences

Science has shown that it’s experiences make us happier than things, so before you run out to Bath & Body Works to get her another face mask or jar of salt scrub for Valentine’s Day, consider planning a special experience she won’t soon forget.

You might think this gift idea equates to spending hundreds of dollars and a carribean vacation, but it doesn’t have to. You know that restaurant you always drive past and say, “One day, we’ll go there”? Well, you finally have the perfect excuse!

And if restaurants aren’t your thing, consider heading to a local museum, park, or tourist attraction you’ve never actually been to. If you’re wondering, what if the museum is boring, the park is rained out, or the tourist attraction is crowded? The point of this gift idea is that you won’t know until you get there, and that’s OK. If you truly end up having a rotten time, you still made an effort to step out of your comfort zone, and now you will have something to look back and laugh about in the future.

No matter if the experience ends up being a wonderful time or everything goes wrong, it’s a story you’ll remember and treasure throughout your relationship. Not to mention that lots of businesses have incredible Valentine’s Day deals available to help you save some money. Want to go to a paint night? Want to see a comedy show? Want to be a blacksmith for a night? The sky’s the limit!

2. Go the Extra Mile

Acts of service is one of the 5 love languages and it’s something a lot of people appreciate. There are so many things you could do beyond your normal chores and responsibilities to help out your wife or girlfriend. Whether you live together or separately, there are plenty of opportunities to show you care through your time and effort.

While this may seem like a strange gift, ticking things off of her to do and chores lists can be a great way to show that you care. And best of all, doing some cleaning, organizing, or simply just corralling the kids for a while is all free. If you’re short on funds but have the time to spare, this is a great gift to give.

Step out of your comfort zone and do a task your partner usually does or find your inner weekend warrior and get your DIY on. Even if your finished product isn’t quite perfect, it’s the thought, and the effort put into it, that counts.

3. Something Handmade

Whether you’re a DIY wizard or not sure what DIY even stands for, a gift you made with your own hands will be sweet and thoughtful. Even if you’re not generally a person to make things with your hands, the effort you put into trying something new and creating a gift for your loved one will be evident. 

Not sure what to make? Check out sites like Pinterest for a million different homemade gift guides. You could try your hand at tie dying a t-shirt, putting together a love coupon book, or even creating a lovely piece of home decor. If you have children, get them in on the DIY action and make a unique present from the entire family. The possibilities are endless!

4. A Donation in Her Name

Does your partner volunteer for a cause? Does she feel passionately about an issue in society? This Valentine’s Day, make a donation in her name to an appropriate organization and show that you support her and stand behind her beliefs. 

Many organizations will send a letter or email to acknowledge their donors, which makes the perfect gift if you feel the need to give her something physical. Additionally, a lot of animal welfare organizations send you a picture of the animal your donation helped. Imagine her getting to tell her friends that her Valentine’s Day gift was a Bengal tiger!

Fun Fact: For every pair of custom flip flops purchased from Sole Flops, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the charitable cause of your choice. Learn more about the causes we care about on our About Us page.

5. Personalized Gifts that Aren’t Soon Forgotten

When you think about Valentine’s Day presents, it’s easy to immediately jump to roses, chocolates, or teddy bears, but wouldn’t it be nice to get her something that she could brag to her girlfriends about?

Look for something interesting, something different, something that is guaranteed to start a conversation. Perhaps a collectible from eBay or Goodwill to add to her knick knack shelf, or maybe an eye catching piece of clothing to wear out on your Valentine’s Day date.

A customized gift like a pair of Sole Flops flip flops are also a great option. Imagine her smile and laughter when she opens up her present to find that you put her face, or your loveable furbaby’s face, on a pair of flip flops! Not only are Sole Flops practical (who doesn’t need a pair of flip flops?), they also bring that distinct personalization to your gift that makes them one of a kind. You can guarantee that no one else has a pair exactly like them. Check out our Valentine's Day Collection.

The word “unique” means more than just “special”; it means there's only one like it in the whole world. It’s unparalleled, irreplaceable, truly one-of-a-kind.

Your wife or girlfriend is unique. A mass-produced teddy bear from the convenience store down the road isn’t. This Valentine’s Day, get her gift as unique as she is, step out of your comfort zone, be creative, and have fun!

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