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Top 5 Party Ideas for Throwing My Cat a Birthday Celebration

Cat wearing a birthday party hat

[Written by Star LaBranche]

If you’re interested in throwing the ultimate kitty birthday bash for your cat, you might be wondering where to start. You also might wonder, how can you throw a party your cat will enjoy as much as you do? The most important thing when you start planning is to remember that you know your cat best. Think about what they enjoy and how you can incorporate it into the birthday celebration.

The first question that might come up is: “When is my cat’s birthday, anyway?” Figuring it out might be more difficult than it sounds. Lots of cat owners adopt their babies from rescues or shelters and their age is usually a guess. To solve this problem, some people celebrate their cat’s “Gotcha Day” (the day they were adopted) instead of their actual birthday.

If you adopted from a rescue or shelter, the easiest way to guesstimate their birthday would be to use the information you had available. For example, you rescued your kitty on October 10 and the paperwork says they were 5 months old. Counting backwards, that would make their birthday May 10. This method probably won’t be exact, but it will give you a solid date based on the numbers you have.

Next, where do you host this bash for your kitty? Your best bet will probably be your house. Unless your cat is unusually active, home is where most cats feel safe and secure. It’s also where all their toys are. Not to mention, if you pull their carrier out, they’re likely to think a trip to the veterinarian is coming. Hosting a gathering at home can be the perfect setting for your kitty’s celebration.

Now that you have the basics, you can start planning their party. Let’s take a look at some simple steps for celebrating your furry family member in style!

Cute cat getting love from her owner

1. Invite Kitty’s Favorite People

Although the prevailing thought is that cats are loners who couldn’t care less about people, us cat owners know that cat personalities vary. Some are the timid type, who only bond with the people they live with (although that might not even happen), to cats who love on everyone who comes into their home. 

Think about who your cat likes to spend time with and invite them, but keep in mind that it’s probably not the best idea to invite a ton of your friends over to party with an easily-frightened cat. Doing so will lead to everyone wondering where your kitty is while they hide underneath a bed upstairs to get away from the noise.

2. Use Decor that is Safe for Cats to Play With

Decor is typically thrown away the day after the party anyway. Why not let kitty have a chance to play with it first? Choosing fluttering tissue paper, arrangements of catnip mice, or even getting creative and incorporating traditional cat toys into displays and decor is a great way to decorate. It also gives your kitty a nice present to play with during (and after) the party.

Make sure you stay away from ribbons and string as cats can swallow these and have digestive problems as a result. If you decide to have balloons as part of the decor, just make sure they’re not tied off with string.

3. Get Your Cat a Special Toy to Play with During the Party

If you want to make sure your party kitty is having a great time, now is when to get them a toy they love. You can play with kitty yourself or show the guests how to play and let them spend some quality time with the birthday cat.

This is a great way to engage a lazy cat or calm an anxious cat. It will also help kitty bond with their party guests and keep them in a public room so everyone can play with them. Not to mention, with all that play, by the time you call everyone for cake, your kitty will be ready for a good meal and a snooze!

Bonus Tip: Play party games with your guest and have special prizes for the winner. The top winner of the night can also get a pair of our custom cat face flip flops with the birthday kitty's face on them! Click here to browse our latest styles and collections.

4. Ask for Donations for a Local Animal Shelter or Rescue Instead of Gifts

No one likes to show up empty handed to a birthday party. If your kitty is already spoiled with toys and treats, you can always ask people to bring cat or dog food, blankets, leashes, or monetary donations for a local animal shelter or rescue. If you adopted your cat, you can pick that organization to help other people find the furry pet who completes their family. 

Additionally, many rescues and shelters have wish lists on Amazon or lists just written out on their websites. You can help your guests pick out exactly what they need by sharing an online list or copying their wish list into the party invite.

If you really want to get involved, you could even set out rescue brochures or slide in a leaflet with shelter information into the goody bags. Who knows, a close friend might be inviting you to their new cat’s birthday party soon!

Fun Fact: For every pair of custom dog face flip flops purchased from Sole Flops, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the charitable cause of your choice. Learn more about the causes we care about on our About Us page.

5. Make Your Kitty an Amazing Birthday Cake

If your first thought is, “but I’m not a cat chef or anything!” then have no fear. There are so many guides and tutorials for how to make a kitty cat birthday cake perfect for your baby! 

The best part is that you can personalize your cake with your kitty’s favorite flavors. Incorporate your cat’s favorite treats, substitute ingredients your kitty would turn their nose up at for those the birthday cat absolutely adores. 

And don’t worry, your cat won’t care if the cake isn’t perfect. They’ll me more interested in the yummy ingredients and tasty flavors. Even if your cake ends up looking a little off balance or less than Instagram worthy, chances are your cat will dive in just the same. 

Are you ready?

Now that you have all of the tools, you can start planning your kitty’s perfect birthday bash! Remember to keep your cat’s personality in mind while planning and you’re sure to throw the perfect party for your baby.

Have fun and enjoy throwing a zany, delightful birthday party for your favorite kitty!

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