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How Many People Are Homeless in America? Shocking Facts About the Homelessness Epidemic [VIDEO]

More than half a million Americans are homeless. Globally, that climbs to a staggering 100 million.

My name is Tim Winfred, and I'm the founder of In this video, I dive head first into the homelessness epidemic and take you on an journey into the heart of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

On the surface, Sole Flops might look like just another flip flop company, but we're much more than that; we're a company with a mission to provide support and charity to causes that reduce suffering and improve living conditions for people and animals around the world.

Sole Flops partners with amazing companies like The Midnight Mission to help provide food to individuals and low-income families in need. The Midnight mission is able to provide a meal to one person for only 95 cents, any anybody is welcome to eat there.

Please consider making a donation this year to help fight the homelessness epidemic. There are so many non-profit organizations that rely on donations from people like you. No amount is too small.

When you place an order on, in addition to having the option to support companies doing work to end the homelessness epidemic, you can choose to support any of our other causes, including:

  • Providing safe homes for rescue animals;
  • Providing help to children with life-threatening diseases;
  • Providing support to struggling senior citizens;
  • Providing support to people effected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

All of these causes hold a place in my heart, and I am thrilled to be able to give to these needy causes through Sole Flops.

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